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Crime Prevention Tips

Home Security Checklist

Download / Print – PDF Format
This Home security is very import. This list is provided by THE NATIONAL SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION in conjunction with local Law Enforcement.

Home Security, Invest In It

Download / Print – PDF Format
Investing in home security can be inexpensive and save you $$$ in the long run. From new logs to a camera system this Tri-fold brochure has tips for you.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

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Help detur would be thieves from breaking in, stealing or causing damage to your vehicle by using our checklist.

A Parents Guide to Children At Home Alone

Download /Print – PDF Format
This is a Tri-fold brochure that should be printed and placed somewhere easy to view for children. It contains good information for both parents and children including emergency contact numbers.

A Baby-Sitters Guide to Being Safe

Download / Print – PDF Format
This Tri-fold contains formation for Baby-sitters such as where phones are located, questions to ask parents and more.

Domestic Violence Information

Download / Print – PDF Format
This Tri-fold contains information for identifying and dealing with domestic violence.

Boat and Trailer Theft Prevention

Download / Print – COMING SOON
This checklist contains valuable theft prevention information along with a log sheet for important serial / identification numbers to help aid law enforcement in the event of a theft.

Property Identification Sheet

Download / Print – COMING SOON
This is a sheet used to catalog valuables in case of a theft. It should be provided to law enforcement to help in the recovery process.

Fire Prevention Checklist

Download / Print – PDF Format
This checklist contains information for keeping safe and preventing fires.

Holiday Safety

Download / Print – PDF Format
Tips for staying safe during the Holiday Seasons.

Identity Theft

Download / Print – PDF Format
This information sheet contains how thieves steal and use your information along with contact numbers if you’ve been a victim of identity theft.

Sequatchie County Safety Tips Coloring Book

Download / Print – COMING SOON
A coloring book for children to color and learn at the same time about safety in our community.

Safer Seniors

Download / Print – PDF Format
A guide for seniors to help stay safe when going out or staying at home along.


Download / Print – PDF Format
Shoplifting is a crime and this brochure discusses the impact it can have and how to help prevent it.

What Happens If I’m Stopped By Law Enforcement

Download / Print – PDF Format
A simple guide to help make traffic stops less frightening for both parties involved.

Violence Prevention Checklist

Download / Print – PDF Format
A checklist to use with discussing violence prevention with family and your community.




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