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Sheriff Coy M. Swanger
Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Coy M. Swanger was elected sheriff of Sequatchie County on August 2, 2018. At the time of his election, he was 44 years old, making him one of the youngest sheriff’s elected in Sequatchie County history.

Sheriff Coy M. Swanger began his law enforcement career at the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office in 1992 serving in communications. In 1994 he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff and worked patrol for the department. Also, during 1994 he attended basic law enforcement training at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy as a member of session 713.

In 1998 Sheriff Swanger was hired by the Dunlap Police Department as a patrolman. In 2000, Sheriff Swanger became the primary firearms instructor for the Dunlap Police Department. In 2004 Sheriff Swanger was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was approved as the General Departmental Instructor, responsible for all departmental training. In September of 2005 Sheriff Swanger was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant serving as second in command for the department. Sheriff Swanger is currently the Range Master for the Cleveland State Community College Law Enforcement Academy, responsible for overseeing the firearms program and managing approximately fifteen adjunct firearms instructors.

Sheriff Swanger is a board member for the Sequatchie County/Dunlap Chamber of Commerce and currently serves as vice-president, and a board member for the 12th Judicial Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.

Sheriff Swanger is a life member of the National Rifle Association, and a member of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #78, the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, the National Tactical Officers Association, the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association, and the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association.

Sheriff Swanger has been married to Cathy Harmon Swanger since January 1997 and together they have three children.

Below is a list of Sheriff’s of Sequatchie county throughout the many years.

Start of TermEnd of TermElected Official
18581859William Rankin
18591860M.M. Phelps
18601861William Johnson
18611863Joseph R. Brown
1865?John Johnson
1865?Jeremiah Hatfield
18681870J.A. Gray
18701874John B. Layne
1874?Seth Johnson
18781882John B. Layne
18821884James M. Cain
18841890W.S. Lamb
18901892W.H Smith
18921898W.S. Lamb
18981900B.H. Narramore
19001906W.S. Lamb
19061910H.L. Layne
19101914W.S. Lamb
19141916P.A. Green
19161918W.S. Lamb
19181919T.A. King
19191922Taylor Layne
19221924W.S. Lamb
19241925J.H. Hennessee
19251926Guy A. Johnson
19261932Henry Barker
19321936Homer Minton
19361942Henry Barker
19421948Jim Taylor Stewart
19481954Henry Barker
19541958Jim Taylor Stewart
19581962Lum Camp
19621966Ray Harmon
19661968Z.T. Barker
19681974Selby Seals
19741982Avery Hickey
19821986Roy Newman
19862002Joe May
20022018Ronnie H. Hitchcock
2018PresentCoy M. Swanger