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Inmate Mail


All incoming/outgoing mail is censored, with the exception of legal mail. Incoming legal mail is opened in the presence of the inmate.

Acceptable Mail: 

Must be addressed to:

Inmates Full Name and Inmate Number
Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office
351 Fredonia Road, Suite A
Dunlap, TN 37327

  1. Return address must contain Senders Full Name and Address.
  2. All letters should be written in pencil or ballpoint pen only.
  3. No Polaroid Photos allowed.
  4. Photographs must be unaltered, and may not contain any adhesives, such as stickers or labels.
  5. Photographs must not depict sexual activity, visibly expose the breast, pubic area or buttocks, contain gang signs or codes or promote or show illegal activity.
  6. No more than 5 photographs per letter. Inmates may only possess 15 photographs in their living quarters at one time.
  7. Envelopes containing additional inmate correspondence will be returned to sender.

Any mail that does not adhere to these rules will be returned or denied.

Unacceptable Mail:

    1. Letters marked with paint, crayons, marker and GEL point pens.
  1. Letters and envelopes with labels or stickers.
  2. Letters with watermarks or stains.
  3. Letters with any bio-hazards, including perfumes or lipstick.
  4. Letters depicting nudity, weapons or gang references.
  5. Letters containing an affixed stamp.
  6. Inmate to inmate mail is PROHIBITED.