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Booking Procedures

When a loved one is arrested it can be a scary feeling. Below are the procedures to help you better understand the initial processes that take place when someone is brought to the Justice Center for incarceration.

Individuals are brought in to our secured Sally Area which is monitored and enclosed for the safety of all involved. From the sally area the person is escorted in to the booking area and then searched for contraband.

After being searched the person is allowed to make a phone call at that time. Afterwards the person is immediately booked in or placed in a queue dependent on how many other booking processes are taking place.

During the booking process the inmate is charged a $10 non-refundable booking process fee and is informed of their bond if set. If the inmate has a bond at that time they are provided with a list of qualified bondsmen and given the opportunity to call the bonding company of their choice.

Inmates that are processed and are able to be immediately released are informed of an initial court date that has been set and notified of their responsibility to report on that court date.

Inmates that will be housed at the Justice Center and have personal belongings at the time of booking will have the items removed, tagged and housed in our secured storing area. Any monies will be deposited in a secured drop box to be processed and placed on the inmates Commissary account. The commissary account is used to purchase items outside of those provided by the Justice Center such as extra food items, hygiene items and etc.

Upon release from the Justice Center the remaining balance on an inmates commissary account will be reimbursed in the form of a debt card or check. Persons receiving a refund are required to provide a signature. Any personal items housed in our secure storing area are released back to the person upon release.

For information in visiting an inmate please view our Inmate Visitation Information page.