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Corrections Center Information

The Corrections Center is located within our Sequatchie County Justice Center and is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All corrections staff with the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office are certified by the State of Tennessee standards of processing and housing of prisoners that are incarcerated.

Sequatchie County Justice Center
351 Fredonia Rd.
Dunlap TN, 37327

The Justice Center can be reached at:

(423) 949-7750 (option1 for Inmate and booking information)
(423) 949-7750 (option2 for Sheriff Office questions or inquiries)


Booking: 115
Captain Jessica Dennis: 111
Lieutenant Stacy Slaven: 113
Jail Administrator Justin Higdon: 114

For information regarding inmates please choose from the following:

The Sequatchie County Justice Center is a 96 bed facility.

Our mission is to provide care, control, treatment and custody of incarcerated inmates.

The processing procedure of an inmate, also known as “booking” procedure, consists of gathering proper paperwork from arresting deputies or agencies, inmate intake sheet filled out, medical screening, photographing, fingerprinting and classification. Our facility is ever evolving as we incorporate various technologies to insure the safety of the community. Technologies include “Live Scan” which offers real time identification of inmates being booked in to our facility. V.I.N.E which is a state system for notifying victims when the victims accuser is about to be released from our detention facility.

Technology goals for the future are facial recognition to help aid in inmates giving false information about identities. A bridging system to link up both county and city law enforcement offices along with the E-911 dispatch facility.

Once an inmate is incarcerated in our facility we offer a variety of inmate programs aimed to help change the behavior of inmates to better their chances at contributing to society rather than becoming repeat offenders. Programs offered include GED classes, church services, work release, trustee positions, jail food services, mechanics trustee program, government building and lawn care programs, food gardens and a library program.

Many of our programs are volunteer based. Each organization or persons must attend orientation training provided by the Sheriff’s Office before contacting or interacting with inmates. Training is required yearly to continue volunteering.

While the Sequatchie County Justice Center houses many inmates, removing them from society and from their victims, it can be overwhelming and in an effort of offset the taxpayers’ money, the Sheriff’s Office leases unused beds to the state at a cost of $37 a day per inmate. Money received from housing is returned to the country general fund. In 2014 the Sheriff’s Department collected $800,000 from housing state inmates. Other programs implemented by the detention center to help offset taxpayers’ money is the sell of both inmate phone cards and e-cigarettes. For 2014 these 2 programs raised $120,000 which went back to the county general fund.

While the Sequatchie County Justice Center is not a profitable business and the main goal is to provide safety of persons who fall victim to criminal activities or to society at large whom falls victim to inmates currently incarcerated in our facility, it is however our mission to offset any costs to the taxpayers’ paying for such services while also trying to rehabilitate inmates prior to being released.