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Home & Neighborhood Safety Resources

Downloadable Resources on Home and Neighborhood Safety

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Working Safely At Home – 30.4 kB
Informative brochure on working safely from home

Travel Safety Tips Flier – 318.3 kB
Travel Safety Tips flier from National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff The Crime Dog

Taking Back Your Neighborhood – 198.7 kB
Free, helpful resource on making your community safe

Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch – 61.0 kB
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch

Streetwise: The Way To Be – 1.2 MB
Informative brochure about staying safe in your neighborhood

Starting a Neighborhood Watch – 85.2 kB
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program

Securing the Future for Safer Youth and Communities – 13.7 MB
A full-text publication that informs adults about the effectiveness of crime prevention toward creating safer communities for youth

Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals – 56.2 kB
A reproducible brochure that provides tips for avoiding becoming a victim of robbery

Reality of Gangs – 1.2 MB
A reproducible brochure about the dangers and risks that gangs pose to their members and communities

Newspaper Mat: Protect Your Neighborhood Against Crime, Terrorism – 1.3 MB
Free, helpful resource on protecting your neighborhood from crime and terrorism

Newspaper Mat: Get Teens Involved in Making Communities Safer – 1.7 MB
Free, helpful resource on getting teens involved in preventing crime

Neighborhood Watch: Make It a Permanent Force for Community Betterment – 88.0 kB
Full-text publication

Neighborhood Watch Organizer’s Guide – 998.9 kB
Works as a guide for creating and sustaining a successful Neighborhood Watch program, and covers everything from motivating the community to running successful …

Neighborhood Watch Needs You – 721.1 kB
Neighborhood Watch is coming to your community, and we need you to get involved! The program embraces and strengthens many things we’re already doing, such as …

Neighborhood Safety Survey – 151.2 kB
A short survey to asset the safety and security of your neighborhood

Locking Your Home – 506.2 kB
Tells you what you need to know before buying locks for your house

Newspaper Mat: Locking Doors Still Best – 1.5 MB
Not so long ago, people did not feel the need to lock their doors or windows. But times have changed, and so has the need to use locks…

Lock Crime OUT of Your Home – 72.3 kB
Informative brochure on the importance of securing your home

Law Enforcement Needs Your Help – 4.1 MB
Informative brochure on how to help law enforcement reduce crime

Home Security: Invest In It Now – 851.5 kB
Informative brochure about why it’s important to secure your home, and how

Home Security Checklist – 4.6 MB
A checklist for evaluating home safety and security

Good Neighbors Make Safer Communities – 191.3 kB
A reproducible handout from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit with tips to prevent crime in your neighborhood

Gas Station Theft Poster #1 – 2.4 MB
McGruff takes on theft at gas stations with this full-color poster in PDF format.

Gas Station Theft Poster #2 – 1.4 MB
McGruff takes on gas station theft with this full-color poster in PDF format.

Gang Fact Sheet – 63.1 kB
A CCDO sponsored publication by the National Crime Prevention Council focused on development of anti-gang efforts

Don’t Make it Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels – 59.7 kB
Informative brochure on securing your car from auto theft

Don’t Let Your Guard Down Just Because You Live in the Country – 415.0 kB
Informative brochure on keeping your home secure in outside of the city

Does Neighborhood Watch Reduce Crime? – 25.0 kB
A comprehensive review of evaluations of Neighborhood Watch concludes that the program has a “small favorable effect” on crime.

Disaster Preparedness: A Checklist – 26.1 kB
Free, helpful resource to make sure you and your family are prepared in the event of a disaster

Citizen Involvement in Homeland Security Insert – 289.8 kB
This eight-page booklet provides details on the Neighborhood Watch and Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) programs.

Checklist for Violence Prevention – 36.0 kB
A checklist for helping prevent violence in your community

Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch – 549.6 kB
A free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program

Newspaper Mat: Bumping: A Trend in Home Burglary – 117.2 kB
If your home is protected with an ordinary lock, it may not do you much good, says the National Crime Prevention Council.

Newspaper Mat: Building or Remodeling a Home? Think Lock Security – 833.1 kB
During the exciting time of having your house built or remodeled, make sure to consider this as one of the most important features…

A Safety Checklist for Apartments – 148.9 kB
A checklist for evaluating apartment safety and security